Modern Door Styles

Modern Door Styles

Modern Door Styles

Modern doors add a touch of contemporary flair to your home. They can complement an all-glass wall or work in a house with a minimal exterior.

Modern door colors are high contrast and dramatic. They can also be neutral or earthy. They tend to have a relationship on the color wheel so they look good with other house colors.

Clean lines

In a world where many elements are linear and geometric, a curved door can stand out as a bold statement. This design style can be an accent piece for modern home decor, or it can complement the clean lines of a contemporary front door.

JELD-WEN’s Modern door series is a premium line with a multitude of customization options to make your home unique. Choose from woods like sustainable mahogany and knotty alder with crisp glass and metal plates for a sleek appearance.

The clean lines of a modern door are beautifully complemented by the simple details of a contemporary hardware set. Look for angular handles in smooth metal finishes to complement the straight lines of a modern door. This design approach is often paired with more detailed decorative glass for an elegant contrast.

Simple hardware

Door handles and knobs may seem like minor design elements but they can have a big impact. They should blend with modern styles while retaining their functional characteristics.

JELD-WEN offers an array of hardware options that can complement a premium contemporary vision. For example, a multipoint lock system that locks at four or five points fits seamlessly with a modern wood front door.

A sliding barn door that runs along a track is also considered to be a modern style, and Rustica carries a wide selection of those systems. These doors require a different style of door handle and hinges than a standard swinging door, as they are not held in place by one or more latches. We also offer top mount and face mount hangers for these types of doors.


Using glass in modern doors allows natural light to fill your home while also presenting a clean, beautiful aesthetic. The glass can be clear, obscured, or etched to match your home’s style.

A door with a single glass pane can give your entryway an airy, minimalist feel and is perfect for homes with stunning mountain or lake views. Similarly, doors with sidelight glass inserts are a great way to bring natural light into your entryway while complementing Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, and today’s most popular contemporary designs.

The glass in a modern door can be referred to as “lies.” This term may refer to true divided lites, which separate each pane of glass with muntins (also known as grills), or simulated divided lites, which use a single piece of glass that’s covered with decorative frosted film.


Modern doors are crafted from high-quality materials that help regulate home temperature, provide privacy against break-ins, and give your entrance an aesthetic look. They also add to your monthly savings by reducing your energy bills.

If you’re looking for a door that will complement your modern interior design style, then you should consider one made from wood. These doors feature a geometric pattern that makes them eye-catching.

The color of the wood is another factor that can differentiate it from other types. Some woods, such as oak and cherry, have a dark coloring that works well with tinted stains. Other types, such as white oak, have a striped wood grain that looks great with light stains. You can identify the type of wood used in a door by its knots, grain patterning, and rings.


A modern door is a beautiful addition to any home. Its design is a focal point that will captivate visitors and leave them with an impression that will last long after they’ve left your home.

They are also very durable. They’re made of quality materials that will reduce noise and help regulate your home’s temperature. In addition, they’re strong enough to resist break-ins.

A modern steel entrance door offers you a sophisticated look and security at an affordable price. These doors are crafted with steel faces and foam cores for insulation, and they’re available in various colors and finishes. The unique designs and colors of modern doors add beauty to any space and can make your house stand out in the neighborhood. They’re also great for business interiors, where they can provide privacy and a secure, welcoming environment.

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